my updated DonorsChoose challenge

my updated DonorsChoose challenge


U171923_sm Hey, it's only my own little challenge page, but I'm trying in particular to help out a low-income school in South Caroline, and a coupla others.

So far, this specific effort has reached over 1300 students.

Please check out my Challenge page, and consider giving a few bucks. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!




This would be better if this were not a competition. The award should be the giving, the help itself. We should be willing to help and not expect something in return. I participated last year and I helped over 300 students in three separate schools in my area with the help of a few people but I didn't expect anything for it. I did it for the act of helping.


aven't worked with FCC systems so cannot have specific comments.
But I am learning on a small scale, in a City that the City can give the appearance of getting public input, while in fact NOT ALLOWING ANY REAL PUBLIC INPUT, because only insiders know about items to comment in time so it goes into the backup everyone sees.
Outsiders/citizens are basically denied a say. At City Council meetings almost everything is listed on the consent calendar wherein the Council passes everything in a single vote and citizens are denied a say on those items.
Systems are not set into place to ensure certain situations do not happen.
For example items on the council agenda have been passed with NO BACKUP WHATSOEVER such as on a purchase of property over $1 million as I recall. Not a single document in the backup about the property, nothing showing the property, its size, no appraisal, nothing certifying that there is no hazardous waste on that property etc.
Recently the City correctly pulled an item off the agenda, that would have been passed if I had not sent in an email, stating the item had NO INFORMATION about a company they planned to make a lease agreement with, not their names typed out, not a phone number, not an address, not one single document with biography information about the company, numbers of employees, years in business etc. This lease also had issues with not listing details about property included, size or location and more;
In at least a couple cases the City Council was to vote on whether to pass something, and that something had already been done. They voted on whether to change a name, but the name had been changed and posted some months back. Theoretically a vote should mean something, but if the items has been implemented before you vote on it?
One instance involving a main grid street, a development, street name changes, street realignment and street closures, City, County. . . this entire mess and all the associated costs seemed in my opinion to be solely for the benefit of one developer and controls could have been put into place to ensure this did not happen. But it did happen. Significant changes were made that any reasonable person on the street would see was solely for the benefit of the developer, to aid in the sale of properties. I say these decisions had negative impacts on future development residents as they will have to worry about their kids/pets being hit by heavy traffic on their street, and folks living in the area in the future will have too narrow roads, no where for bicycle lanes, etc.
Over the years I have worked many places and some have good controls, with check sheets intended to ensure that different matters are considered/not forgotten, with someone having to sign off that those issues were dealt with per the rules. That is needed for some types of situations.
It seems there is no one watching out for the citizens interests. Special interests are making changes that are not in the best interests of the citizens.
In our town an issue has been that our City has not followed its own rules, and the only recourse is money, to take them to court regarding their actions or lack of actions.
A friend of mine spent lots of time raising money to fight years of legal battles with the city to protect the hills and rural areas (she won, but did not live to enjoy it).
If you have laws/ordinances etc passed by the people, but people in government do not follow those laws . . ., what good are the laws?
Who makes the decisions? In our town, one or some of the 7 council members have the stupid idea that they only need to look at and make decision on matters in their own ward. That means they vote lockstep, mostly, for what each ward person wants. So bad things pass because no one Council or staff is reviewing or they do look they don't know what to look for or don't care or are greedy for glitz. (Some exceptions but one or a few cannot outvote the rest).
Some have higher political aspirations and don't want to step on anyone's toes, don't want to say NO to anyone, they want everyone to say nice things about them.
Our City has no LIST OF PRIORITIES, prioritizing NEEDS FIRST, and wants second. Instead anything that sounds nice on the agenda is approved, and everything is written to sound nice. They don't consider that money the spent on a WANT will not not be available for a high priorty NEED.
Citizens who speak out are vilified, called part of the dirty dozen, other names, insulted and more. This happens after our last opportunity to speak at City Council. This type of action has scared many people away from speaking, and participating in government, which is very bad when you consider that TOO FEW speak in the first place. Also CL knows that the best decisions are made when you get ideas from many people and mull things over. This isn't happening in our City, at least not with the Citizens at large.
1/5 at my turn at City Council public coments, I held up a banner to try to share websites with good information related to our city and the area. A City person did not like it so they had City camera focused on my BACK, so far back this time I appeared as a dark shadow. The two useful websites they did not appreciate, one about using transit and one about local politics / meetings / police matters Five before Midnight The later website highlighted a PUBLIC HEARING on 1/12 about topics which likely will impact almost everyone in our town with fee/charges/increases/changes on hundreds of categories of services. . . Someone in the City doesn't want citizens to know or comment at this hearing — held during the daytime when most people work and cannot come.


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