Get real time Congress info

Get real time Congress info


Img-iphone-home Hey, if you want the same info that high-priced lobbyists get, I recommend the Real Time Congress phone app from the Sunlight Foundation. Sunlight focuses on ways to show you how our government really works. (Not always pleasant seeing how the sausage is made.)

The deal is that these guys use information which is normally tough to get:

This app puts the actions, meetings and documents that make up the
legislative process right at your fingertips. Whether you're a
journalist, Hill staffer, blogger or just an interested citizen, this
app will keep you up to date on what's happening in Congress right now.
Another innovative app from the non-partisan, non-profit Sunlight Labs. Also check out our Android app for Congress!

Disclaimer: I'm on the board of Sunlight.




There's another iPhone app like this called Political GPS which also includes a political compass test. It correctly identified my liberal-libertarian views, and I use it every morning to check on the latest bills.
This looks nice, too. I'll compare the two when I have a chance.


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