Check out my giving page

Check out my giving page

Shares is kind of like microfinance for school projects. A teacher puts up a project that needs some funding, and we can all kick in a few dollars at a time to help some kids out.

I've put together a page and have had some success getting a number of projects funded, many being a high poverty area school in South Carolina. (Hey, do you hear me Stephen Colbert? That's in your home state. Oh yeah, you're on the DonorsChoose board… but I digress.)

Anyway, check out my DonorsChoose page, I'd really appreciate it!



Beth Terry

Thanks for adding my project to your giving page! Our district just informed us that the budget cuts for the next 2-3 years will be even worse than this year. If I didn't love teaching and believe in these kids …..whew. Getting that email that states "Project Fully Funded" is like Christmas for my Soul! Thanks for raising awarness and for taking an interest in East Elementary. I appreciate your kindness!


Craig, you seriously just made my day!!!!!! Thank you so much for your kindness! I told my kindergarten kids today and they are so excited :o)

Tabitha Perez

I think it's awesome that you are supporting educators in these hard economic times where budget cuts are endless! Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. If you are still adding projects would you mind adding mine to your giving page? It is called Fun Phonics for My Kindergarten Students or Help Make Reading Engaging for My Kindergarten Students! Thank you for your support.

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