Learning in Motion- Physics Day at Six Flags! Learning in Motion- Physics Day at Six Flags!


U50922_sm Hey, the folks at do something like microfinance for classroom projects.

They define a project, put it online, and people fund in small amounts to get bigger results.

"I am an inclusion special education teacher for 8th graders at a dynamic, successful neighborhood school with a diverse and primarily low-income population."

How can we thank you enough for helping to make this fun, educational, and engaging experience available to all our students? Well, for one, we can ensure that this field trip will be meaningful and memorable, and will do our best to inspire some of our students to continue their studies in science. Who knows- perhaps a future NASA scientist, Ford engineer, or Nobel Prize winner is among us, waiting for the seed to be planted! In addition, we will be sure to document the results of your generosity through photos and student reflections about what this experience meant to our students. Check back with us after May 6th!

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Off topic.
Sherman Indian Museum, located at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, CA, one of the last Native American boarding schools in America is seeking donations to help pay for students to attend an event. Read about it on the Sherman Indian School website here The request for donations is buried a bit down in the first article on the site. I know Lorene Sisquoc the Museum Curator and I donated for 6 students, but they need more help so more of the students may attend.
This is quite an opportunity for these students, some or many who may be from economically deprived families from many reservations across American including some in California, near the Colorado River and as far away as the Dakotas including Pine Ridge.
Don't know which students will be attending but they can use your help.
Donation information is on the Sherman Indian Museum site and I can vouch that the money will be used for the purpose indicated.

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