Fixing Washington now — in progress

Fixing Washington now — in progress


This chart shows how much everyday people are working with Federal agencies in ways that have never happened before.

The deal is the the Open Government Directive, coming right from the very top, gets Federal agencies to listen to and work with everyone, all citizens who want to stand up.

From another perspective, we now have leadership in Washington that's actively engaged in working with Americans, a lot different from the old team who publicly stated they weren't interested.

In more detail, this dashboard looks across all Federal agencies to see how well they're interacting with people. For example, as an innovation initiative, it lists Claims Processing Results from Veterans Affairs

I think VA needs to have a Portal that Veterans could sign into to get copies of VA Rating results and other documents to save money of mailing and also if a Veteran loses a copy. They could log in an get the document and print it from home. The would help with printing cost and postage. Being in the paperless world.

What this means is that we have a very quiet beginning to large-scale improvements in the way citizens run the country.




Agree with your assesment. It's a paradigm shift: The previous administration openly proclaimed its disdain for the very job for which they were hired; the current one is engaging with quiet vigor.


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