Kind words re craigslist from Bill Wyman/Wall St Journal

Kind words re craigslist from Bill Wyman/Wall St Journal


Hey, he's way too complimentary to me personally, but to remind everyone, Jim Buckmaster runs craigslist, I'm a minor part of the customer service team.

Anyway, check out What Newspapers Can Learn From Craigslist (if doesn't work, try this google search):

[the craigslist people] did one simple thing: He thought about what his users wanted, and put very little on his site that wasn't useful to them. Craigslist's mission is merely to make it easy for people to sell an old refrigerator, or look for a roommate, or find someone to date. By just about any metric the site serves those users as well as any business on the Internet, with the arguable exception of Google.




Given that Google doesn't have a dating service or a used goods exchange service I would say CL is better.
I'm sure Bill meant to say that Google fulfills its mission better than any other site on the net, perhaps.
The genius of CL is among other things both the speed of the site (throughput) as well as the speed of the design (ease of use).
If you wish excuse the vernacular, "more meat and less stuffing."
A testament to CL is that few sites around for so long have been able to keep with their original design; either because it didn't work or the dictates for life style branding encroached on needs of the users. The only other exemplar in that regard is Drudge. Who started first?

Anne-christine d'Adesky

Hi Craig,
We last spoke in 2007 about Rwanda – my work with WE-aCTx…. and met at a coffeeshop to talk about World Pulse…
What Craigslist did right is what I'd like to see happen for HAITI asap – and its Rebuilding Effort. Any chance we could talk about that? .. I'm sure people may have brought the idea up to you, but there's really a huge need for a Haiti response bulletin board a la Craigslist, and it would be great to adapt the platform to really provide for people-to-people global servivce/resource exchange, community interaction and building.
There are some sites trying like The New Haiti site, and I pushed Wired to start ReWiring Haiti, but they're Word Press type platforms and they're not as simple and to-the-point as Craiglist.. will you think about it? Haiti deserves our very best right now, and I am still an uber fan of Craiglist. Thanks Anne-christine d'Adesky (blogging at email:


It's not a very tough job to find reasons to praise craigslist. It was an awesome idea that was well-executed. But I wanted to add a little spice to the mix, here.
Rather than thinking about how craigslist hit the ball out of the park on serving the community, I've been thinking about how craigslist could do a better job of serving the community. This is what I came up with. Curious to hear what folks think.
We have a demographic revolution underway in which more and more people are living past the ages of 60, 70, 80 and even 90. With this terrific advancement comes the burden of age-related diseases. Lots of people are now caring for their aging parents, some while they are raising kids. Caregivers can easily become home-bound. There aren't many public health programs to relieve the burden.
Here's where I see craiglist potentially coming to the rescue. If I knew that another caregiver in the neighborhood needed someone to look after her dad while she went to the grocery store, and if she knew from other craigslisters' ratings of me that I was a safe caregiver, then we've really got a value-add here. She could drop grandpa off with me and run to do her errands. And when I needed to do something, I could drop my mother off with her or someone else who I see might be available on craigslist.
Craigslist hooks people up in this way for products and dating, why not for caregiving? Mom-sharing seems to be taken care of by meeting other parents at school and activities, but caregiving doesn't have the luxury of an outside community.
I think it would be great. I hope someone's reading this. You can't imagine how valuable it could be.


I did find a box with a decent amount of quick-cooking brown rice in it. I used the microwave directions to prepare a couple cups. By adding the brown rice and some extra salt, pepper and vinegar to the salad, I made dinner.

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