Using gaming to engage people in gov't?

Using gaming to engage people in gov't?


Cityvillepic-300x209 Well, fun works, and maybe Dustin Haisler from Manor Labs has the right idea.

He speculates about two ways that might build on existing approaches to get people involved in
gaming have a place in government?

Let’s say we built an online game that was as engaging as [Zynga’s FarmVille game],
but incorporated real governmental concepts in the process. Which
concepts are important to start with?

  • Taxation: Have the gamer adjust taxes but also have it tied to
    public opinion (similar to Sim City, but less
  • Cost of Service: Have responding to police calls, water line breaks,
    etc., demonstrate a cost of service for government.

Or alternatively:

Building on [the Foursquare] model, each agency could allow citizens to “check-in”
at various city spots (Library, Fire Station, etc.) and learn more about
their community in a fun and engaging format. This could also help open
up the door for their participating in other crowdsourced programs like


Brayden Olson

Yes, this is the right way to go, and it is great of you to bring it up! The upcoming generation, given a well-built game, will absorb complex issues shockingly quickly. Similarly, we’re trying to bring business and political content into games, and we were recently mentioned in the NY Times if you’d like to take a peak:
If this kind of thing is something you find intriguing drop me an e-mail as I would love to hear your take on our project!


Excellent idea, if it can be trusted. Ideas developed in the game that called for less government would most likely be ignored. However, if the concept was followed through on, it's quite likely the public could come up with better ideas then government employees who are not paid for efficiency, but simply maintaining or growing the organization.


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