Washington is listening to people, for real

Washington is listening to people, for real


Okay, in Washington the White House has this Open Government directive, telling everyone that they gotta get serious about customer service, which includes really listening to Americans about running things better.

Yes, it's like getting an elephant to tap dance, but harder. However, they're serious, and Washington is full of people who are passionately committed to this.

It only works if American citizens get involved, and here's how to get involved; check out a new blog from the White House: Make Your Voice Heard:

Now through March 19th, the American people can make a difference by logging on to each agency’s open government page and making your voices heard. We hope you will assist us in this historic effort to bridge the gap between citizens and their government.  It would be particularly helpful for you to provide specific suggestions for what agencies should include in required elements of their plans.  These elements include a strategic action plan to improve transparency, as well as agency proposals to use technology platforms and other innovative methods (e.g., prizes and competition) to improve collaboration. 

Start participating today – visit one or more of these websites and provide feedback:

There's a lot more, but you get the idea.



Stephen Buckley

Are they really listening .. or just "kinda-sorta"?
A "suggestion-box" only works when people are truly engaged, e.g., they get feedback about their ideas.
And, if they do NOT get feedback, then they see it as a waste of time, and they stop offering their ideas.
Since you were/are involved in the VA's employee "suggestion-box", would you be willing to talk about it on next week's OpenGovRadio.com (Tues. at 2p ET)?
Or if not, can you point me to someone in the VA who would?

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