A real result from the Veterans Affairs innovation initiative

A real result from the Veterans Affairs innovation initiative


You get real results when you talk to the people on the front lines, the rank and file.

Mr. Hudson's idea sounds remarkably simple — create and use standardized medical questionnaires for private physicians to fill out when they treat veterans to speed up the process for evaluating VA disability claims. Currently, veterans must undergo a further exam at a VA medical facility to get information on their conditions and degrees of disability.

Benefits for veterans from that simple idea could be significant.

For starters, they would no longer have to wait 25 to 30 days — or longer — to get a full assessment from a VA physician before their claim moves forward, putting them a month closer to getting deserved benefits.

"It cuts down the processing time and the paperwork that is necessary to adjudicate that claim," said Scott Hope, an assistant supervisor with the local Disabled American Veterans group. "It cuts down a lot of the preliminaries."

This relates to the Veterans Affairs innovation initiative that I played a minor role, part of a much bigger effort. Check out Fixing Washington now: first results from Dept of Veterans Affairs.




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