craigslist is (around) fifteen years old

craigslist is (around) fifteen years old


I really don't know when I started, early '95 I think. Been working on craigslist for at least fifteen years now, every day, mostly focused on customer service each and every day for ten years.

(To be clear, I'm a customer service rep, not manager, it's Jim Buckmaster who runs the company, doing a much better job than I ever did.)

The WELL is where things started, both technologically and in spirit, and courtesy of Gail, here's the earliest archaelogical find:

web.58.96: Craig Newmark (cnewmark) Tue 28 Mar 95 06:23

Well, I just went ahead and built a home page:

My focus, on this page, is on events around San Francisco that involve
arts and technology, privacy rights, local writers and artists, and any
other item that strikes my fancy. This includes stuff like the Anon Salon,
Spoonman's TeleCircus, Joe's Digital Diner, Eric's Jacking In series,
the upcoming conference on Feminist Activism and Art, etc.

If you open index.html, you actually get a choice of the above, a personal
bio (Web vanity plate) or a resume.

The approach is as minimalist as I could make, with the exception of
the Cole Valley stuff, where I display maps of its location, and a photo of parking hell overlooked by Sutro Tower. I'd really appreciate any feedback…



Jeff Yablon

Craig, let's start with the MAZEL TOV. Fifteen years. Wow.
Now let's give you(and Jim) the props you guys deserve. I have clients ask me regularly where to do their online ads and I always says "at Craigslist". And the reason is . . . it works.
Only a small part of that statement has to do with the service remaining (mostly) free. The real point is that Craigslist is the traffic leader, and #2 is the famous "I DON'T CARE". Where else would you advertise?
Seriously; Google has become a verb and ubiquitous for search. Craigslist is similarly situation, sans the language element. Amazing job . . . thanks . . .
Jeff Yablon
President & CEO
Answer Guy and Virtual VIP Computer Support, Business Change Coaching and Virtual Assistant Services
Answer Guy and Virtual VIP on Twitter

Mark Petrakis

Congrats to you Craig .. and to many. I remember it well.


BEAMS galore for 15 more…
..for you
….and the list
……and the WELL, too!

Neil in Chicago

I was on your email list in the first half of '94, and remember running into you at the SF Book Fair in November '93, where you wondered what you could do to get a little bit of profile in SF. (retrospective guffaw)
I've wanted to know for a while now: at what point did you realize that this thing was totally fucking out of control?

Michele Warther

Congrats – thrilled to see how it's grown/changed over the years. Remember fondly moving from LA to PDX in 1999 and was excited Craigslist moved here too.
You have totally rocked it and frankly set the bar for customer service along the way.

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