Can't see the video for some reason.
My computer was in rehab and perhaps something else needs to be loaded back up.
The ups and downs of technology. . .
Look forward to the day I can watch the video.

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As planet Earth generates more data from more sensors and as this data comes together for better prediction … there will be plenty of winners and losers.
The losers will be those organizations still coping with information overload, unable to make heads or tails of what they know (Enterprise Amnesia). They will miss the obvious. Their costs will soar, their customer satisfaction will drop and confidence in their brand will erode. You will get duplicate mailings from them. They will try to sell you something you already bought from them weeks ago.

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I had been discussing this issue with my older sister the other day, now I will have one particular a lot more argument in my hand when it’ll arrive to confrontation the moment yet again….

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oh interesting! that's quite an information there and i think it IS a site that is to be reckoned with if you own a small business and you need to be on top of what people are

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