More about the IAVA

More about the IAVA


Hey, the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America are helping a lot of vets, like helping get serious educational and medical benefits, and back pay, for 'em.

They have going a really good social networking site going at

The folks at have a really good interview with Paul Rieckhoff, the IAVA director, regarding the community, very recommended!

Let's start with the basics. What is the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America?

At the most basic level, it's the first and largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving the lives of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families. In my own words, it has grown into the place where veterans connect with, and support, one another — and where they'll continue to connect throughout their lives as different issues impact the community. Using "place" there is imperfect, obviously, since that plays out in a number of different ways. But that's the gist.

Disclaimer: to help vets, I've joined the IAVA board. If Americans are willing to risk a bullet for me, I figure I should pitch in.


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