More from Consumerist regarding fake online reviews

More from Consumerist regarding fake online reviews


Hey, the folks at Consumerist are like the cutting edge of Consumer Reports, trustworthy and very smart, with attitude that people tell me the youngsters like.

They asked for feedback regarding spotting fake online reviews, and got it.

For the whole list, check out Spot Fake Online Reviews, (fixed the moved link) and here's a few:

1. "Marketing speak. Normal people do not write in marketing speak."

8. "The reviewers say the entire name and model of the product over and over."

14. "They go into long-winded explanations why the product is so much better than other, pretty much identical, products sold under different brand names."

22. The username has more than 3 numbers at the end.

27.  "My favorite way to double check a fake review is to highlight a peculiar phrasing in the review and do a google search for it.

Disclaimer: I'm on the board of Consumer Reports, due to their extraordinary integrity, and that as I get old, appliance reviews get exciting. 



Krystal Weeden

Companies really will do anything to sell their products. Good tips, though, I didn't even think about there being fake reviews out there. Unusual for me, I'm usually pretty paranoid about these types of things.

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