Stepping up: Silicon Valley Partnership: The Innovators Fund

Stepping up: Silicon Valley Partnership: The Innovators Fund


Okay, the deal is that our country is about helping others out in a culture of trust and generosity. I'm thinking like the Marshall Plan of sixty years ago, a great expression of shared values which also prevented a lot of extremism and built markets.

Me personally, I feel that we should be that "shining city on the hill."

Here's a new first step in that direction, with some very minor involvement from me. I'm guessing my focus will be on the evolution of large-scale grassroots involvement via social media.

The Department of State has entered in a non-exclusive partnership with The
Innovators Fund (IF)
, a new Silicon-Valley based venture capital fund that will
launch in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Russia and Malaysia.

The Innovators Fund is being launched in part as a result of President Obama’s
June 2009 Cairo speech and its call to action, and in part as a result of a
discussion that Secretary Clinton had with leading U.S. technology entrepreneurs
and innovators at the Department of State in January 2010, in which the IF’s
Founder participated.

IF will collaborate with a number of existing funds and raise a series of
country-focused seed Funds that will provide angel and seed financing and
mentorship to promising young entrepreneurs.  It will have a strong emphasis on
mentorship and will send leading Silicon Valley executives to the countries in
which it will operate to provide intensive mentoring as well as continued online
mentoring and collaboration.



Marissa Louie

Craig, this is a great step forward. The decision-making and operating framework is the key to making it succeed. Looking forward to it.


Craig – any idea how to get in touch with Innovator's fund? The contact email on their site doesn't work. I'd like to help out too!

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