Veterans at City College of SF need your help

Veterans at City College of SF need your help


Image002 Hey, these folks went overseas and risked a bullet for us, and now they need a hand.

I'm contributing to help them build a Veterans Center at CCSF, and maybe you can also?

Here's the story:

"As a Veteran, I am utterly alone. Because of my life in combat I will never
be 'normal' again."

This student's struggle is far from unique. Hundreds of veterans at City
College of San Francisco have similar stories.

We need your help to create a Veterans Resource Center at City College of
San Francisco where veterans can interact every day, where veterans will
know that they are not abandoned, where veterans will be honored, accepted,
and understood. Here they will share their experiences, pool their
knowledge, and lend each other strength as they enter this new phase of
their lives. Here they will get help with certification and benefits,
counseling, and programs.

Just a year ago, City College served 150 Veterans; this year we’re serving
over 500—and this number is expected to grow yet more. It's a tough economic
time. Whatever donation you can give will help City College raise $500,000
in 2010 to establish the Veterans Resource Center—a home on campus for
generations of those who have gone or will go to the line for you, your
families, and America.  Thank you!

For donations:



Tina Nies

Hi, this is a great endeavor! There is an organization called Vet Biz Central, its main focus is helping Veterans who want to start or own businesses, but they could be a great resource building the CCSF center. They helped a student veteran at University of Michigan-Flint start a veteran center at that campus.
Ed Ronders is the director at 810-767-8387

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