Another take on why I do what I do, frankly, with jokes

Another take on why I do what I do, frankly, with jokes


Okay, the redoubtable Rachel Sklar talked with me in a piece at Make Work Meaningful: Craig Newmark: “We’re A Collaborative Species”.

Here's a little from that:

Why do you love your work?

What I love about my work is that I can see firsthand that we’ve
helped tens of millions of people, mostly Americans, with basic stuff.
That’s like getting a job or a place to live. Beyond that, well, lots of
situations like people finding a lost dog.

What do you think of the word “workaholic?” Do you see it as a
positive or a negative…and would you call yourself one?

I just don’t use it, the term is dead to me. I just do what it takes,
for as long as it takes.

You do a lot of public service. How do you think philanthropy
and service fit into a busy, hectic work life? Yours, but also –

I do customer service for a living, and I think customer service is
public service. Also, I now consider public service as customer service.

Beyond that, our site shows that it’s easy for people to help each
other out via the Internet. That leads to more powerful means of working
together (particularly, for example, Wikipedia).

I think we all need to work together to make things better for
everyone, deriving from basic shared values, essentially Sunday School
fundamentals: treat people like you want to be treated; and now and
then, give the other person a break, like being your brother’s or
sister’s keeper.



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