In the Navy: social media for better customer service

In the Navy: social media for better customer service


Y'know that the armed forces is full of Millenials and a lot of people who know social media and want to use it seriously.

Here's something which surprised me pleasantly; these guys are getting it done.

… includes first use in military of the "tweeps" that I've ever seen.

Snapshot Customer Service
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Damon Tucker

Mahalo from Hawaii Craig for posting this as I'm stoked that it made it to the Huffington Post!!!
As I said on Twitter… I am one of those folks that went on the USNS Mercy trip and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have gone on a few others as well.
I've been a big fan of what you have been doing with Craigslist long ago.
Craigslist is Social Media in itself although you may not feel like it is.
Many folks owe a lot to Craigslist and it has inspired many folks for years.
Damon Tucker
Pahoa, Hawaii

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