Jim, craigslist CEO, tells you what's working fighting bad guys

Jim, craigslist CEO, tells you what's working fighting bad guys


Check out Jim's revelations where we tell you more about what's going on, recognizing
that there's always more to be done.

We work with law enforcement and groups serious about solving problems, and are way ahead of
any other site fighting the bad guys. (If we've missed someone, please tell us right away.)

We're also real careful not to blab anything about specific techniques, since we've seen that
the bad guys learn from that and develop counter-measures.

That's not enough, and we're still looking for people who can improve our methods even more.

The deal is that we're interested in serious, effective methods; it's better to be part of the
solution, instead of discussing stuff we've already solved.

That is, it's way more useful to help solve the problem even more than we've already done. If
you can help, and are serious about it, let us know.




How about an email address we can send fake CL emails

Craig Newmark

Dave, please feel free to email abuse at craigslist.org
We do get lots of samples already, trying to focus on cases originating in the US, much easier to pursue.

Imran Anwar

Craig. I read the post you linked to. Jim did an admirable job stating your position. I commend both the actions you, and CL, are taking, as well as standing up to the cyber-bullying that I suspect armchair-activists find easier to with CL than with other media that would not give them the time of day.
Kind regards


Ditto what others said about nice job Jim and CL … I just don't think most people know how much you try. You are a "victim" of your own success since you are the biggest player in this space, so unfortunately, a few bad apples slip through and then you are an easy target to pick on and score PR points.
This quote from Jim says it all "Last year, when we began manual screening of adult services ads, those unwilling to subject themselves to craigslist's standards left in droves for the numerous venues which do not monitor ads."

matthew heffron

I can help, and I'm serious about it. Just letting you know. 😉

dan gray

my name is dan gray i was recently scammed on craigslist for $3000.00 . the guy has posted the same ad 2 weeks later and i responded under an alias and he responded tring to sell me the truck i have him hook lined now i need to sink him lets catch this crook call me a.s.a.p. 4438021970


Hello Craig,
Contacting the "abuse@craigslist.org" doesn't work. I contacted them, at least, 6 times over the last 5-6 weeks about advertisers breaking MULTIPLE Craigslist Rules (even cited the exact rules) and they do nothing. In my opinion, they are either way short staffed, overworked or just simply don't care. I'm inclined to think it's the latter. I've sent them more than 150 links of just one particular rule breaker and no enforcement. I've noticed now that since one or two companies have been able to continually abuse the rules, now the copycat abusers are accumulating in droves. Sadly, I've asked in emails to the "abuse dept", not less than six times, for a human being (with authority) to contact before I found this blog. Maybe, from the top down….. Maybe, we can discuss some of these issues, as well as, workable solutions. Respectfully,


Hello Craig,
I failed to mention that "flagging" fraudulent postings, spammers and overposters doesn't work in MOST areas. I have seen it work in a couple areas but in most areas useless.
Thanks again,


Hello Craig,
Just an update, couple weeks later, to let you know that your "abuse dept" still can't enforce your own Craigslist rules. Can I help you change those rules or perhaps assist you in stopping the spammers and abusers I repeatedly report??
Last couple emails, I've sent to the abuse dept, I've also copied your email address as well.
Hope all is well,

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