Swoops attacks! The season begins

Swoops attacks! The season begins


SwoopsYou might recall that blackbirds like Swoops here build nests above stores on busy pedestrian streets.

He defends his nest by whapping people on the head. It's happened to me, and yesterday, to the gf.

This isn't the first time, I reported on this in previous years, including the middle of last year.

Tourists, beware!




Sheeesh the bird even LOOKS evil with it's beady eyes! BTW, can the foundation help KidCast for Peace live again? How 2 apply for support? Keep up the good work Craig. BTW, we are in pre development for CREATIVITY.com. I'd like you to be on the founders team since the domain is reserved for global community service and your toolset I've always seen as integral to several applications being planned. Interested? Best, peter

Kevin Morrison

Heh. I remember getting attacked on Montgomery Street around 1992. Just minding my own business, and bam!


I *love* that photograph…
They were active in West Portal last year – haven't checked this year, though.


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