Will the Googleplex become a person?

Will the Googleplex become a person?


As a nerd, I read a lotta science fiction, and a common theme is that you network enough computers, and at some point the complex becomes self-aware, a person.

That's the core concept of the Terminator movies, the defense network, SkyNet, becomes sentient, figures it should defend itself against humans.

Similar concept in The Matrix series, which figures we make good power sources, in the least good way.

However, our defense networks don't have the complexity or intelligence that the Google networks have; also not approaching that of similar networks, like the Microsoft Bingplex.

Personally, I feel that self-awareness is a quantum physics thing, arising from organic neural networks. (To me, that's also a comment regarding TV's LOST.)

Maybe not.

At some point, the Googleplex and its competitors, to compete better, might become adaptive, learning from experience on their own. That might trigger self-awareness.

Am I serious, joking, or both? Hard to tell, ain't it?

Also, hard to tell, maybe this has already happened and they're monitoring this. To prepare for that, we should


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Claude DiDomenica

Forest in trees metaphor may be at work here…
Perhaps reality (this universe being one small piece of it) is one giant self-awareness?
If this is so, we're just too myopic and self-absorbed to see it.

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