AmericaSpeaks: Town halls and more on the national budget

AmericaSpeaks: Town halls and more on the national budget


The online grassroots democracy thing is real, gathering momentum. Here's another example of a notable effort, focusing on the national budget.

As I recall, nearly half of the deficit is from tax cuts for the rich, and half regarding the war in Iraq, including missing cash and big-ticket items. (I wish more of that had gone to support the troops, but my bias is showing.) (Please fact-check me.)

Here're the details:

June 26, AmericaSpeaks will convene
19 large-scale Town Meetings and dozens of smaller-scale Community
Conversations across the US — all linked together by live streaming
and polling software — for the first-ever National
Town Meeting
about the
federal budget. 

a public discussion on the federal budget? While Congress will have to
pursue deficit spending in the short term to help our economy recover,
publicly held debt is projected to reach 200% of GDP by 2038 if we don't
take steps to reduce our long term deficit spending. Most legislators
fear voter-retaliation if they take steps in that direction, like
raising taxes or reducing spending.

AmericaSpeaks is making a bet that the American
public is smarter than politicians give them credit for — and inviting
everyone who wants to leave the next generation with a healthy economy
to get
together and help sort out how we're going to do that. Coffee Party,
Chamber of Commerce, National Council of La Raza, and many others are
encouraging their members to attend — making this the largest public
discussion of the US federal budget to date.

invited to join the "AmericaSpeaks:
Our Budget, Our Economy" National Town Meeting on June 26. Find a
near you, or sign up to host one, here:

find out more about the National Town Meeting: "A National Discussion Our
Fathers Would Love"
them on Twitter:, or join
the discussion on Facebook:



John Larry Washburn

Instead of the U.S. government squandering trillions of dollars propping up numerous failing entities, the trillions should be invested globally to earn money in profitable companies, Wal-Mart’s here and overseas, Exxon, Chevron, Proctor and Gamble, Nestles, Johnson & Johnson, Canadian and U.S. Oil Trusts, pipelines, Fed Ex, gold mines, Japanese and German cars, Chinese and Brazilian cell phones, Taiwan chip makers, limited partnerships, etc. etc. – As a patriotic duty I have no doubt that Warren Buffet could give President Obama a list of solid investments.

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