iPad found through craigslist

iPad found through craigslist


Okay, this means a lot to me. We get stories about lost and found dogs, even kidney contributions; this is new.

From email:

My name is Sam and I work every day to help people with disabilities. I am in a
PhD program at Penn State and co-created an iPhone app that helps people who
have difficulty speaking
. I work very hard helping individuals and their
families. It is my life's work.

Anyway, I lost my iPad during my trip to SF this week for the WWDC. I was
sitting on a bench across from the Buena Yerba gardens on my way back from a
WWDC education party and my fiance' called. I got lost in the conversation and
got up without my iPad. When I got to my room I was sick about it. I could not
find it anywhere and thought it may be at the party, but had a sinking feeling
it was on the bench.

I tried the Apple tools to send messages to the iPad but it showed it as off.

I posted a message: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/laf/1782367419.html
and within one hour, I received a message from Pat and
Curt, two small business owners who were walking their dog and found the iPad.

So, while I am so excited to have my iPad back, I am even more excited about the
generosity of these people. It made me realize that people can really care.

I just wanted you and your colleagues to know about this story and about how Pat
[info redacted for privacy] helped me find my iPad.

In the elevator ride down today, I realized that Craigslist is the only way I
would have been able to get back my unlabeled iPad so quickly. Also, note that
the nice couple would not accept the little gift I wanted to give them. Yet, I
was glad that they accepted the dog biscuits I gave for their nice little dog,
who by needing a walk was also a bit of a hero in the story.

In this age, I just can't get over how awesome these people were and I love that
they were waiting and watching Craigslist to see if someone would post.
Thank you for what you do.

Check out the NY Times article about Sams' work.

[[[ Hey, if you liked this, humor me, check out

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"Okay, this means a lot to me. We get stories about lost and found dogs, even kidney contributions"
And, after all, the average human has 1.99 kidneys, and way less than one SHINY CONSUMER PRODUCT!!!

Jean Paul

Similar story, although not as valuable of a lost object: a few weeks ago my wife and I went to NYC, to celebrate her 50th b'day. While walking on 5th Avenue, she pulled her camera off of her pocket, but along came her driver's license (had to use it earlier). We never noticed the DL fell, but someone walking along did and came "chasing" after us "Ma'am, Ma'am!!!".
Yup, not all is lost. There are still some people who care.


Oh yes there are still a lot of people who care.
In gary vaynerchuk's words we give people a lot less credit than they deserve, human beings are hugely underrated.
The world wont be live-worthy without such nice helping folks.


You cannot imagine how many thousands of items are lost every week and left in airports, hotels and taxi cabs.
I launched a new service called ReturnIt to make it easier for people like Sam to get their stuff back.
I wanted to discuss this with you and see if we can have a tie in to Craigslist.

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