Serious customer service and more from

Serious customer service and more from


Governments across the US are doing real stuff to serve citizens via the Net.

Next up, the official state portal for the state of Texas,, just launched. It
provides more than a thousand digital government services.

Of particular interest: the first state implementation of Get Satisfaction to deliver crowdsourced
customer service
. Allows users and government agencies to provide and respond to
feedback, Q and A, ideas, and solutions. Check out Lori and Hanna letting people know they can renew Texas vehicle registration online.

Overall, the site design is nice and simple, basing that on more than 2,000 citizen

Also, take a look at their social media resource page.

Finally, Texas is serious about the open government movement.

Follow them on Twitter, I just did!



Hanna Crain

Thanks for the shout out on our Customer Service skills. We are making Texas a happy state one citizen at a time!

Craig Newmark

Hanna, thanks! and FYI, I work with people in Washington, and elsewhere like Georgia doing great public service, I appreciate it all!


Thanks for pointing out what Texas is doing. Governments are either going to provide transparency or eventually be forced to become more transparent. In this age of rapid communications, you can no longer hide information. Everything comes to the surface, so why not be a leader in placing it there.

David Pitts

Hey Craig,
It seems like our paths cross at a distance off and on again – I am sure without you even knowing it. For example, I used to do some programming for a little company called
Now, I am part of the NIC family of companies. One of our sister companies does the official state portal of Texas – – that you gave the nice review of.
Anyway, I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for the nice remarks about and to bid you a hello from the ditance.
David Pitts

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