Why I'm a staffer, and more

Why I'm a staffer, and more


Folks, people ask me why I'm permanently committed to my job as  customer service rep at craigslist.

Also asked: why I'm not
interesting in selling the company.

The deal is that my personal mission, my twist on public service, means that I
gotta stay firmly part of the grassroots, the virtual street.

My permanent personal commitment to customer service helps make that happen.

Days ago, I realized that I'm not interested in selling because too much money
tends to sever one's connection to the grassroots.

Money can change you, and I
resist that kind of thing.

(… and please indulge me, here's a really important story on craigslist.)




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Sanjay Maharaj

I admire your committment and your resolve to stay true to what you feel is the right thing to do at Craigslist. Full marks to you

Ace in your Pocket

Yep, hop off the N Judah line,
Grab a Jamba Juice,
walk on up and meet,
Mr. Customer Service No.#1
Yep, I wish more people were like him.
The beauty of San Francisco


Thank you for your shining example of what can be achieved when passing on the chance to make a lot of money. Very admirable qualities indeed, and very rare in our society.


Mr. Newmark, thank you so, so, much for your brilliant web site. I am addicted to the web site and advertise my self a lot! You are awesome. I am a small family child care in Columbia, Missour and thanks to you my small business reaches my community and serve them with taking care of their little ones. I Thank You from the bottom of my hart!


I applaud your commitment, Craig. As they say in our tribal language, Kol Hakavod.
Same reason why I choose to help nonprofits market and brand better. It isn't going to make me rich, but it sure is rewarding.


Your "personal commitment to customer service" plays a HUGE role in what make's Craigslist to helpful to millions – keep up the great work!

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