21st-century statecraft and the new diplomats

21st-century statecraft and the new diplomats


America, I feel, really is the "shining city of the hill", when we live up to our values, and we're back in that mode.

People in other countries need to see that, and in my direct experience, they really want to believe again.

Social media is probably the best tool for Americans to reach out, maybe all of us, but particularly the folks in the State Department.

The NY Times has a good article, Digital Diplomacy, which introduces the work of a coupla guys at State, Alec Ross and Jared Cohen. I bear witness that they're doing a great job, I've seen it first hand. They're genuine patriots, helping fix Washington, and providing considerable return for the taxpayer dollar. They're reminding people that we really are the good guys:

On Twitter, Cohen, who is 28, and Ross, who is 38, are among the most
followed of anyone working for the U.S. government, coming in third and
fourth after Barack Obama
and John McCain.
This didn’t happen by chance. Their Twitter posts have become an
integral part of a new State Department effort to bring diplomacy into
the digital age, by using widely available technologies to reach out to
citizens, companies and other nonstate actors.

These guys are building the Radio Free Europe for this
century, but for the whole world.




Thanks for the heads up Craig, as I hadn't heard of these guys yet. Now I start following them on Twitter. That's exciting, thinking about the world's future, even as I'm over 50 now. And do you have a twitter account? I'll look for myself! Bravo to you in your huge contribution to this world. '-D

sto gold

Social media is probably the best tool for Americans to reach out.just as the StarGazerChild said,when we old,where can we find ourselves?

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