Help make sure National Guard gets GI Bill benefits!

Help make sure National Guard gets GI Bill benefits!


Bpnatguard_image Hey, the deal is that National Guard members are helping clean up after the BP oil spill.

However, time spent doesn't count toward educational benefits.

The Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America is asking for help!

Since the BP oil spill began, nearly fifteen hundred National
Guardsmen have been deployed to the gulf region to clean up the crisis.
But many of these men and women in uniform are not receiving credit
toward educational benefits they have earned.

Right now, a bill is making its way through Congress with a key
provision that addresses this loophole. Sign the open letter below, and
tell Congress:
Don't make our troops pay for BP's mess. Stop hurting national security, and start paying for National Guard GI Bill benefits.

Hey, please stand up, check out that link, sign the petition.

Disclaimer: IAVA's the real deal, and for that reason, I've joined their board.


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Tyler webb

To say the existing policy is absurd is an understatement. Congress must deal with thisI inequity before leaving for the August break.

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