"I got your back" (UPDATED)

"I got your back" (UPDATED)


Nerds "He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough." — Lao Tzu

Okay, I've been trying to better articulate why I do what I do, and some
of that crystallized in my brain an hour prior to writing this.

I work with the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America, not as a veteran,
merely a board member and advisor re social media. My work, well, it's not
such a big deal. (IAVA is a big deal, working with the current
Administration to genuinely support the troops, with considerable

They talk about troops under fire, and the mutual assurance that "I got
your back."

I can't aspire to that level of brotherhood, not having served, and you
should be grateful I've never handled automatic weapons or anything bigger
than a .22.

I consistently aspire to that level of mutual protection and
interdependence in my customer service work and my public service work.
That is, I can't literally support my cumulative community, which in the
US alone is well over 100 million.

However, my attitude, on a gut level, is that I got your back, and I mean
you, if you're reading this.

My deal is that I have a life-long commitment to significant customer
service. I also feel the same way about my idea of public service,
focusing on how to enlist my cumulative community, my constituency, for
the common good.

Each and every day, I follow through with that combined commitment. You'll
notice that my social media work focuses on promoting the work of others,
or amusing myself. (Twitter: #squirrel.) Occasionally, I'll do something
to defend my community.

It's hard to count, but I'm probably putting in 30-40 hours of customer
service per week, and the same for public service.

I can only do the best I can, and it's working.

I got your back.




I appreciate the purity of your commitment to customer service. It really is -just- as simple as this.

Eva Olson

I would like to tell you and do not know how else to get a hold of you, is there anything you can do about people flagging my ads continually on craigs list? I do know who it is and they live right near me and think that it is funny. You can see by my account that they have done this for all most a year daily. I also get a lot of fake emails from them wanting to buy and leading me on for several emails before I figure out it is them. They are 3 sisters and friends. They have it rigged up so they can flag my ads instantly as soon as I try to post.
I am from Montana and I raise miniature farm animals. These people are just jealous people and try everything possible to shut me down. I have even gotten phone messages, so I have contacted the cops and we are trying everything to catch them and put a stop to all this. They are very childish people.
I also have had a guy come and check my fake emails and several are coming from one computer. They have control of craigs list. I know of 3 other people from our area having trouble with these same people.
These people also post fake posts saying they have a certain animal for sale, thinking I might be interested and lead us on. They really need to be stopped.
I am just a ranch lady trying to sell animals. I do not bother anyone and these people are really harassing me.
Is there anything you could do to help us stop them?? The sheriffs in town would like to get them too.
We have no idea how far they will go. We even had a strange cargo van pull in. These people have been know to steal.
Please, please help us stop these people.
My phone number is 406 654 2704
Thank you for your time and I hope to be able to use craigs list. I wish people could not flag. It is not right. I have tried to contact thru cl but can't get a real person.

Tony Filson

Craig, You're a good guy. Thanks for helping the troops. I'm also working on Social Media in the MENA and US and your help is very important.
I know how little time there is in a day; you've been very generous with yours. The balance of running businesses, public service and getting some sleep at time is trying.
As always, best regards,
Tony Filson


Thanks! You are definitely appreciated, for both your work with our proud troops and for all of us around the net!
I'm not sure this is what you mean and I hate to bug you if it isn't, but I'm feeling kind of helpless. I love CL and I use it to help my father sell property. For some reason (whether it was posting two ads too close in succession or running a global search) my IP address was banned! All my dad's condo ads ghost, never showing up in search results. I promise not to do either of those things ever again, but it's not my dad's fault!
:( Sorry again if this isn't what you meant, but if you could find some way for IP address to get unbanned, you'd really save me.
Thanks a ton either way, you're a great guy!
– Jackie

coach suitcase

If you lose you way, Your forever friend guides you and cheers you on. Your forever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay.

Tammi DeVille

Your commitment to community and service is extraordinary. How great a world it would be if that were in every heart. Thanks for being an inspiration.

Susanna Speier

Just showed your "I've got your back" post to the guy next to me on the
Acela and he thought it was really cool. He also finds it funny that you are a person –not a list– and that I can share with you the fact that he liked your post so much from a moving Acela train.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving me a near-daily source of inspirational reading. I am still catching up on your previous posts, and each rejuvenates my belief that good people can do great things, and that in the long run an individual's or group's sincerity is the most telling sign of their future achievements. I cannot thank you enough for your words and the great projects you have done over the years.


Craig, I very much appreciate your committment to your customers and more generally to caring about web users and the online community. I noticed a general wave of good customer service at many establishments in the late 1990s across America, which has in most places waned since, do you notice that too? What do you think caused the change?

Zain Jeewanjee

You know that either you care or you don't care, customer service is jut that, I feel that if you can truly care and understand the inner need of the customer, You craig are that living example.

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