Levi's letterpress printshop in the Mission

Levi's letterpress printshop in the Mission


The deal is to use letterpress craftsmanship to communicate via posters, in ways that defy mass production.

Levi's Workshops are a series of craft-based community spaces build to encourage creation, inspiration, and
collaboration. The first expression of this is a print shop located in San Francisco's Mission District. Over 60
days, we will work with people and designers (like the Post Family) to create new and
engaging design projects that help bring messages of a pioneering spirit to light.

They've mapped out a series of collaborations with local businesses and community groups to create original artwork and inspired designs that honor their respective passions and ideals.

This is for real, and I'll be pointing them to the work of others who have great stuff to say about technology and the way people use it, and how it changes our lives.

William Gibson:

  • The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed.
  • The street finds its own uses for technology.

David Kirkpatrick:

  • Social media is a truth serum for mainstream media.

David Weinberger:

  • Transparency is the new objectivity.

I'm not comfortable pushing with my own stuff, but they want it:

  • Trust is the new black
  • Democracy needs an immune system: the press, and you.

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