Hey, don't believe everything you see on TV about craigslist

Hey, don't believe everything you see on TV about craigslist


Folks, don't believe everything you see on TV. 

CNN allowed a couple of deceptive attacks on us yesterday. 

Here's Jim Buckmaster's response, some real facts and honesty.




Joe Silverman

Hi Craig,
Sorry to see you getting ambushed like that on CNN. That was a low blow. You are like a G_D to me because I have benefited so much from your creation. I can't tell you how often I use your site to buy and sell things, and how often I tell people how wonderful Craig's List is. You have even made me question my Capitalist/Libertarian beliefs, which says a lot.
You and Jim are doing a fine job! Since when is it your responsibility to solve all of the world's social problems? Ignore the critics and naysayers.
I wish I had more in common with you than being Jewish and Growing up in Morristown!


No matter what the service is that's provided, opportunists exist and will take full advantage. Pick-pocketers will troll crowded places, etc etc.
The flagging system in Craigslist could use improvement as legitimate ads are often flagged and TOS violations remain on the site. I was a moderator/administrator in the early days for Infospace.com. We had similar problems and found some very creative ways to curtail them.
CNN has a job and that job is to instill fear and place blame. Fear sells. Blame sells. Taking a pro-active approach to the problem(s) as you are doing is to be commended, Craig. I have some ideas and will start writing those…. just as soon as I send a wee letter off to CNN :-)


Funny how you couldn't answer her questions in person.
Just shows how much you guys really care to stop child trafficking.
If you guys REALLY cared, you would shut down the adult sections, like Kijiji Canada did. And you know what? It's LEGAL in Canada to use sex for money (under circumstances) but they STILL shut it down!


For your Adult services, just make it so the adds must be verified with ID. I have purchased adult content for my websites, I had to verify my ID as an adult, not just a credit card. The models, have to verify their Age and ID as well. They have pics of themselves holding there ID.


Please check out the second sentence in page 5, in the Canadian Sex, Works, Rights, about prostitution law in Canada:
Which CLEARLY states that prostition is in fact, LEGAL, in Canada, under circumstances.
Now please look at Kijji's decision to take down Canada's adult section:
I know the facts, and I know that Kijiji has done their part with trying to stop child trafficking.
And in the CNN video, it looks like you had SO much to say about what you're doing to stop it..


What don't you follow Craig?
Prostition in Canada is legal, yet Kijiji has decided to close down their personals section in Canada.
Do you need more clarification on why they would do this?

Rachel Troutman

Please stop allowing your site to be a place where pimps and predators sell and use underage girls for sex. How dare you defend yourself in anyway. As Hannah Poole suggested on your facebook page you should remove that section of Craig's List IMMEDIATELY. What is the delay? It's perverse in its entirety.


This was a cheap low brow hatchet piece by CNN and the posters who don't realize this should do a little research into the pervasiveness of the sex trade that is right under their smug noses. Unfortunately for you Craig, they won't get off their lazy, fat TV-watching asses to do the real investigative work, and just rely on a 3 minute video to make a poorly informed judgement.


Hey Craig, just think about all the lives you help everyday. You help people like me by helping us find jobs, find a place to live, find friends, etc.

Five Points

Great interview on CNN. You came across like a slimy weasel who lost his tongue.
What's worse, you take no responsibility here, saying only 'check the facts.' Well, many of us have checked the facts … you, Craig, are wrong! And you looked like a pompous fool during that interview. Hatchet job? Please. …


Craig says to read his CEO's letter for some "real facts and honesty."
Here are a few more facts and truths:
(First posted two days ago, titled: 'With an Assist From Craigslist, a Sex Worker Plies His Trade')
(Posted today, titled: Craiglist is hub for child prostitution, allege trafficked women
But, yeah. You're right. CNN is out to get this good and fine man who couldn't open his mouth to answer a reporter's question.


Thank you Craig for continuing to do everything possible to deny the use of craigslist.org to criminals. That suggestion by Jennifer (above) re: verification of Adult I.D. bears further serious study! Craig, your willingness to continually evolve the protocols of using craigslist.org in order to prevent crime, is in stark contrast to the rest of the Web. craigslist.org can't be held responsible for those who would seek to use it to commit crimes. Society itself must face these problems and arrest the perps using every available means, and not hypocritically hold craigslist.org responsible for crimes committed by these evil doers. craigslist.org is a basic tool, like the printing press and the sewing machine. Thank you craigslist.org and Craig, for all the housing solutions, community information, work leads, and successful buying and selling of basic living-items that I have benefited from for the past 6 years. Be assured that you are respected and loved.

Craig Newmark

Evelyn, thanks!
getting many good suggestions, overwhelmed, taking this very seriously.
not easy at all, but committed.


craig, nice job with the awesome website! I truly love it! maybe you can find a new public relations person on the craigslist listings, because unfortunately you looked like a retard on that cnn interview.
also, "check the facts" is not a valid response to all statements. sorry, you'll have to come up with something more clever if you are selling children on your website.

Craig Newmark

Teddy, good points, weve just started, and if a video guy wants to fool around with any video, he can make it look like anything.

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