eBay vs craigslist: "Goliath bloody, David still standing"

eBay vs craigslist: "Goliath bloody, David still standing"


Well, most of the reporting on this case was based on reading a bad press release, rather than reading the judge's opinion.

Judge for yourself, it's linked to by the honest material here.

The judge says "craigslist leaves this field with something less than total victory.” Not total victory, just a little less.

The judge kinda split the baby, but said we acted in good faith. We'll keep fighting the good fight in California.




I found this judge has a very informal style, maybe even wandering off into the land of poetry.
Listen to this, from a section he calls "I. Facts, A. Oil and Water" (page 6 of
the judgement at http://blog.craigslist.org/del.opinion.pdf)
"Now, even though both companies enjoy household-name status, craigslist and eBay are, to put it mildly, different animals. Indeed, the two companies are a study in contrasts, with different business strategies, different cultures, and different perspectives on what it means to run a successful business. It is curious these two companies ever formed a business relationship."
Facts, or story telling time?
Good luck!


Well the PR pieces that were used my the news media were generated by the well-paid PR firm hired by a corporation we know all too well by now. The fact of the matter is that eBay did NOT get what it so desperately wanted: the board seat + CONTROL. eBay has it's corporate legal wizards hands and minds quite full these days as more and more lawsuits begin to build a distinct pattern of a corporation with execs who lack even the most basic moral compass. Besides Craigslist vs eBay still in CA there's the FROZEN accounts coming up soon in CA and the latest bombshell where Paypal actually stole patented technology from the owners who shared it with them and then eBay tried to applly for the patents themselves only to be caught by the US Patent office with their greedy hands once again in someone elses cookie jar. More info about those cases and much more at http://www.paypalfreeze.squarespace.com Our press release would have been written along the lines of "the fat lady has not sung yet" — trust us on this one — there's not just one fat lady there's a choir full and are they going to sing!!!

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