UPDATE re my birthday: Supporting veterans every day

UPDATE re my birthday: Supporting veterans every day


UPDATE: please check out my birthday wish via Facebook Causes for the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Okay, we're hearing a lot of good stuff (today) on Veterans' Day, but what's really needed is real stuff to support vets every day.

Here's a lot of effective stuff.

Focus on the real down-to-earth stuff, like jobs for vets, better support for PTSD and TBI, and building a network of veterans' service organizations (VSO's).




Hello Craig,
Have admired CraigsList for years, first at Autodesk in Marin, now here in London, England.
I see you have a focus on veterans' affairs, and I have a friend / ex-colleague, John Magine, who is the most passionate veterans' affairs supporter I know. He is great with web design, and if you think he could help your cause, I could give you his contact info, or give him yours if you prefer.
Please advise, and thanks for all of your community efforts! Great photo with Pres. Obama on your LinkedIn page, btw.
Kind regards,
Kate Lynch
LinkedIn: k8lynch
Twitter: k8lynch
Facebook: k8elynch

Craig Newmark

Kate, thanks, very appreciated! and sure, let him know.
Obama photo only from a fundraiser; now it shows Im interested in helping make things better.

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