Federal IT gets more effective while saving money

Federal IT gets more effective while saving money


Omb-seal Okay, the deal is that the Federal CIO, Vivek Kundra, just launched a 25 point plan to get very real about Federal IT projects.

Too many of 'em cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than they should, take years longer than necessary to deploy, and deliver technologies that are obsolete by the time they're done.

They're already gotten results, documented here:

This summer we took a hard look at 26 high priority projects that were either over budget, behind schedule, or at high risk for the kinds of problems that too often plague our large IT efforts. We completed the review of two projects in October, and this week, we announced the results from our review of the next 16 projects.

  • One project has been terminated entirely, as the agency decided the project was too troubled to continue.

  • For seven projects we have accelerated delivery of meaningful functionality.

  • For eight projects, we’ve rescoped the projects back to increase the likelihood of success and reduced budgets in the process.

You can find it at cio.gov, highlights include:

• Turnaround or terminate at least one-third of underperforming projects in IT portfolio within the next 18 months

• Shift to “Cloud First” policy. Each agency will identify three “must move” services within three months, and move one of those services to the cloud within 12 month and the remaining two within 18 months.

• Reduce number of Federal data centers by at least 800 by 2015

• Only approve funding of major IT programs that:
−− Have a dedicated program manager and a fully staffed integrated program team
−− Use a modular approach with usable functionality delivered every six months
−− Use specialized IT acquisition professionals

• Work with Congress to:
−−Consolidate commodity IT funding under the Agency CIOs and
−−Develop flexible budget models that align with modular development

• Reduce barriers to entry for small innovative technology companies

• Launch an interactive platform for pre-RFP agency-industry collaboration