Over $4.1 Million Raised for Nonprofits

Over $4.1 Million Raised for Nonprofits


Folks, the CrowdRise #GivingTower Holiday Challenge was a really big deal and raised lots of money for nonprofits.

A total of  $4,141,131 was raised for charity. That includes all prize money (I gave $50k) and the money raised by all the charities, online and offline. That's 15.5x leverage on the prize dollars.


The Grand Prize winners are…

-1st Place: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  with $364,979 raised

-2nd Place: Cure JM  with $287,328 raised

-3rd Place: Wildlife SOS  with $143,342 raised

-4th Place: Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee with $129,855 raised

-5th Place: Alfalit with $92,030 raised

There were lots of cash prize winners this year – 32 in total. You can take a look at all the winners here. A big congratulations to everyone who participated, and to the good folks who donated.

Did you participate in the Challenge? What was your experience? Thanks!




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