Salvation Through Comedy

Salvation Through Comedy


Okay, I realize that I'm not as funny as I think I am, which Mrs. Newmark will remind me about now and then.

However, sometimes I want to confront people with an unpleasant truth, and confrontation often makes thing worse. (By "truth", I mean what I think is the truth; please adjust for that.)

In the mid-eighties at IBM Detroit, I had a really good manager, John S., who told me that my confrontational habit had polarized my coworkers. They either hated what I told 'em or loved it. He pointed out that my sense of humor might be my only saving grace.

It took little time for me to realize he was right, and that in practice, it frequently didn't matter if I was right. Aaron Sorkin got it right in the movie A Few Good Men:

Tom Cruise, in character, demands "I want the truth!" and Jack Nicholson responds: "You can't handle the truth!"

Maybe 20 years after watching the movie, I realized that comedy is what allows humans to understand an unpleasant truth.

Sometimes it doesn't matter if I'm not really all that funny, or have any more good material. As Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David reminded George Costanza, it's okay leaving them wanting more:

Okay, I really do realize I ain't all that funny, but it works.

I'm never going to do standup comedy, but in that spirit, please remember to tip the waiters!

In the meantime, check this out…



Keith M Bender

Somewhere between an Insert mark and a Footnote number
there can exist in the name of "Truth in Comedy" a new social marker.

This marker would be called the "SIGNFIELD" . or the "Jerry" for short.
The "Jerry" in written text form would denote a Comedy link can be accessed
here that helps make the necessary cognitive leap. Meanwhile a Twitterized
short link would occupy the Socially conditioned Footnote space. We must
keep the Academics pacified.

Suggestions for the "Signfield" marker Brand creation process are now being
solicited and a Grand Prize will be Awarded once Jerry agree's to be the Presenter.
Emoticons that blend into the (C.) symbol and infringe upon it's sanctity may
be considered first.


Dan Robison

People are so uptight and using political correctness as a weapon to inform us to tolerate the intolerant. So people are very stressed and the challenge with that is, is that people don't realize what the truth is. People do respond to humor, nobody likes to be jumped on right away for doing wrong so sometimes praise first little bit of humor takes the edge off in the guard down. Sometimes it's about culture in a company, it starts at the top and flows downhill very fast if it is not done with proper stewardship of the company. The entitlement generation have a lot to learn about the truth it has been watered down to a place of no nobility or acceptance of responsibility. When I was working in my twenties I was polite I respected my peers and I did I was told. Today they flipped me the bird if you say anything contrary.Sock in the mouth and tell you that you're not right and it will do it their way. As time goes on the truth is always come out interpretations of everyone's truth comes out. The quality of life always depends on the absolute truth of our hearts. So remember when one does not want to offend try a little humor try a little grace and realize we were in their place.

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