#20yrscraigslist: a few words about money

#20yrscraigslist: a few words about money



Marc Perton got right much of the gist of my feelings about too much money, which are pretty much the opposite of the Silicon Valley norm.

“Craig Newmark recently posted something reflecting on the 20th anniversary of Craigslist, in which he reiterated his late-90s statement that 'no one needs a billion dollars.'"

Then, as now, the statement, seemingly obvious, was controversial.

“When Craigslist grew to prominence at the beginning of the century, the idea of leaving that much money on the table seemed like a bizarre joke to most of the tech world.”

(He followed by debunking some of the mythology around craigslist.)

Y’know, it’s good to know when enough is enough.

I’m such a nerd.


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From about a voiceless and powerless as you can get individual, how many houses, cars, food, villas, vacations can a billionaire have and take. Being a billionaire is a mockery, ridiculous, absurd, an insult to the lower and middle class. The worst is that most of that money rots in banks, making more money for the rich (the rich get richer, the poor get poorer). Bankers are making more and more money. That money is not circulating and not benefiting society as a whole. It creates very little domestic jobs. It just floats around in off-shore banks. They manipulate the system and pay virtually no taxes. The middle class pays for the roads that their limos drive on and the airports that their private jets land on.

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