6 Startups Rocking the Women Startup Challenge

6 Startups Rocking the Women Startup Challenge


Hey, we’re two weeks into the Women Startup Challenge, and lots of startups really have their boots on the ground in Round One. The first Round of the Startup Challenge is a crowdfunding campaign. The purpose of this is to give all startups an opportunity to raise money for their startup.

Over $80K has been raised online so far, and there’s still a coupla weeks left. Another startup has told us that they raised an additional $50K offline through a funder who learned about their efforts through the Women Startup Challenge.

The first Bonus Challenge ended last week, and 3 startups won prizes: Queery and Mina's List won a Profile of their startup on craigconnects and Huffington Post (more to come…), and In the Stacks won a Social Media Audit from Rad Campaign.

As of now, the top 6 startups who’ve raised the most money are as follows, in their own words (and note that this changes with each contribution):

1. Actionplanr – Imagine all your plans and projects organized in one place — easy to access, share, and reference. From annual business plans to strategic plans to product or marketing plans, to planning an event or fundraiser, Actionplanr integrates all your plans and projects seamlessly in one platform.

2. Hook(ist) –Hookist is a collaborative songwriting platform where fans, music lovers, and aspiring artists get the unprecedented thrill of writing an original song with their favorite artists.

3. Echo Media Mobile Echo’s the first mobile app that curates, personalizes, and guides you to women-centric film, TV, and video on demand. Anywhere, any time. Because women make up the majority of media consumers and ticket buyers, Echo will drive that purchasing power when it counts most for filmmakers: limited releases, opening weekends and premieres.

4. Stage Stream Stage Stream is a user-driven marketplace for videos of live theatre. Their vision is to grow the current $2 billion dollar a year live theatre market to increase access for audiences and revenue for artists.

5. LGBTQutie LGBTQutie.com is the progressive online dating and social networking platform of today. Their site is relationship oriented allowing for people to find romantic relationships and friendships.

6. Kicker – Kicker is an independent digital news startup. Does keeping up with news make you feel overwhelmed? Do you ever find news coverage boring or irrelevant to your life? Do you sometimes secretly need some background to understand a news story? Does news ever make you feel helpless or hopeless? If so, you’re not alone. And your solution is Kicker.

Don't forget: Bonus Challenge #2 ends this Friday, May 14… Every startup that gets at least 5 contributions will get entered for a chance to win a Ticket to the Forward 3 Web Technology Summit. There'll be a few winners. Make sure to contribute if you're able. Let's fund women startups.

Have you had a chance to check out the Women Startup Challenge? Are you participating? Disclaimer – I'm one of the sponsors, and we'd love to hear your experiences.


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Brenda Horton

We are so excited to participate in the first annual Women's Startup Challenge. Thank you Craig for all your support!

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