How I'm Funding Women-Led Startups

How I'm Funding Women-Led Startups


Folks, the Women Startup Challenge has really taken off, with over 180 startups participating and over $118K raised so far. Here are the the startups who are in the top 10 in the Women Startup Challenge as of today.

1. Peer Spring

2. Echo Media Mobile

3. Hookist

4. Actionplanr

5. Kicker

6. Fam-ess

7. Stage Stream

8. Mina's List

9. LGBTQutie 

10. LatherUp

Women are founding innovative startups more than ever before, yet only 7% of investor money goes to women-led startups. We want to help women pitch their startups, and get their startups funded.


Investors say that they want to fund more women startups and women startups want to pitch more investors. I'm partnering with Women Who Tech and Joanne and Fred Wilson because we want to help connect the dots and start a network to introduce women startups to investors.

Some things to keep in mind as there are just 9 days left in the Challenge:

  • You should check out and support the startups if you're able. They're crowdfunding over on CrowdRise.
  • The startups in the top 40 by May 22 will get a shout-out from the Women Who Tech team on Twitter during the last week of the Challenge.
  • You can join the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #WomenStartupChallenge.
  • The 3rd Bonus Challenge ends tomorrow. Every startup that raises at least $500 will get entered for a chance to win $250, no strings attached.

Let's keep funding women startups! This is really important, folks.



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Rosanna Garcia

Thanks for the support @Craignewmark. Vijilent is currently in 11th place but working to get more financial supporters to make it in the top ten. But we tell everyone, just go support women entrepreneurs, doesn't matter where… we all win!

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