These Orgs Raised A Lot Of Money For Heroes

These Orgs Raised A Lot Of Money For Heroes


Big news: the Veterans Charity Challenge 3 raised more than $249K for America's heroes.


The Challenge is a fundraising competition where organizations benefiting America's heroes, such as veterans, military families, police and firefighters, compete to raise the most money with the top teams winning grand prize cash donations from craigconnects.

The Grand Prize Winners are:

1) Warrior Canine Connection with $55,375 raised

2) Dogs on Deployment with $31,266 raised

3) Hero Dogs with $19,016 raised

vets charity challenge

Since Independence Day just passed, this is a perfect time to continue celebrating these heroes. Note: I like to celebrate and support vets, military folks, and their families all year long.


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Zena Nicholson

Was this a fundraiser done on craigslist? If so. If I wanted to raise money for under priviedged very low income kids in washington DC to get school clothes, shoes, and school supplies, can I do that with you guys?

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