Why the Most Ethical and Trustworthy Journalism Was by Fictional Newsman Jon Stewart

Why the Most Ethical and Trustworthy Journalism Was by Fictional Newsman Jon Stewart

stewartTonight's Jon Stewart's last night on the Daily Show. It's gotten me thinking about how he's so much more than an entertainer, and what he's done as the most trusted newsman in America…
  • There are plenty of good factchecking efforts in progress. However, I figure that we need to address what Jon Stewart calls the "CNN leaves it there" problem. That's where a reporter sees that a public figure is lying, but doesn't factcheck the speaker, saying that they have to "leave it there"… and then repeating the lie, reinforcing it. (from: http://bit.ly/1Uqzw6b)
  • Seriously, I'm inspired by The Newsroom to Get Stuff Done, much like The West Wing continues to inspire me to Get a Great Deal of Stuff Done. West Wing also succeeded as a rom-com, with the (radiant) Donna Moss and (the radiant) Amy Parker. …Shouldn't be surprising, considering that the most ethical, trustworthy, and serious journalism is accomplished by two fictional newsmen, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. They survive attack by following the advice of Oscar Wilde: If you want to tell people the truth, make 'em laugh. Otherwise, they'll kill you. (from: http://bit.ly/NmBstA)
  • You might already know that Jon Stewart is probably the most trusted newsman in the US. His team does a lot of investigative work and a lot of fact checking, trying to keep reporting honest.  (Check out this great piece and this one.) (from: http://bit.ly/1IZtWWc)
 (note: He'll be back, I'll show faith with present tense…)


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What will you miss most about Jon Stewart on the Daily Show?

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Rick H.

When it reads "the (radiant) Amy Parker," do you mean "(the radiant) Amy Gardner," as portrayed by Mary-Louise Parker?

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