5 Social Causes I've Taken on Since Leaving craigslist Management in 2000

5 Social Causes I've Taken on Since Leaving craigslist Management in 2000


Folks, I have had no part in craigslist management since 2000, and instead focus my time on philanthropy, and helping out others who are doing good work. I'm frequently asked about the causes I support, so I figured it be helpful to highlight some for you.

The thing is, I'd like to really make a difference, in the here and now, and twenty years from now and beyond. My preference is to support people who're already effective at helping other people, while learning how to engage much larger groups of people to help out.


For reasons both objective and personal, I've been helping effective groups in the following initiatives, contributing help with social media, social capital, and modest amounts of financial contributions.

Here are 5 social causes I've taken on since leaving craigslist management (in no particular order):

Note: you can click the initiative to find out which specific orgs I'm working with in that sector.

1. Vets and Milfams – I figure if someone's willing to risk taking a bullet for me, I should help out a little, and I realize that their families also serve.

2. Women in Tech – It's pretty simple…Fair's fair, regardless of gender in tech.

3. Peer-to-Peer Giving – There are groups finding ways that make it easy to directly help others in ways that work.

4. Protecting Americans' Voting Rights – The Declaration of Independence says that we're equal under law, but there are states where Americans' voting rights are at risk.

5. Trustworthy Journalism – Speaking only as a news consumer, I want news I can trust.

This isn't altruism, it just feels right. And if you're working within these initiative areas, please send social media posts over to me. I like to support the good work people are already doing – I believe it's more effective that way.




Thank you for all you do, I've just started learning about your philanthropies and it's so wonderful. We hear so much about rich people using their money and power in ways that break down community, it's so disheartening. Your story makes me feel very hopeful.


Hi Craig,
I've been following your posts for awhile now, and I think you might be interested in knowing about my organization's online giving platform for once loved but no longer used musical instruments. Instruments in the Cloud makes it easy for people to donate musical instruments directly to school music programs. We are testing in MN right now and we hope to intentionally launch it nationally next year. I will send social posts your way and keep you updated. We are on track to get 500 instruments into the hands of students this first year. I'm really excited to see what we can do next year and in years to come.
Of course, if you have any guidance and ideas to share, I would love that.


Keep up the great work Craig. You are and always have been a QUALITY gentleman! Keep up the great work.
Thanks for all you do!


Thank you Craig. This brought tears to my eyes. If all of these become stronger, perhaps we can and will address the biggest challenge of this century, and that is Global Warming.
Warmest regards,

Marnie Constantino

I am honored that you "friended" me. Your posts of birds are always a welcome good morning. I love your causes & energy. Thank you Craig for being someone this world really needs.

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