11 Podcasts To Check Out This Weekend

11 Podcasts To Check Out This Weekend


podcastI'm a big fan of podcasts, there's some really good stuff out there. If you're out of the loop and not sure what a podcast is, I once said I'd describe a podcast to a 6 year old as people talking, like radio, whenever you feel like listening (though, I'm not sure if six-year-olds know what radio is). Lots of podcasts are very smart, funny, and articulate.

I listen to 'em the most in bed, or while I'm walking to work. Usually, late night, I'll listen to WTF with Marc Maron, but it changes based on what's newly available, and my mood. Some mornings I even wake up and finish listening to whatever I'd been listening to the night before, but then I either turn on NPR One, or the local streams from KQED, WNYC, or WAMU, depending on where I am.

My very favorites tend to be a combination of Judge John Hodgman, WTF, and Welcome to Nightvale. Note: my list of favorites included The Thrilling Adventure Hour [now sunsetted]; I miss it a lot. Though, if you're looking for some new stuff to listen to, and if you're a nerd like me, I'd also suggest The History of English and The History of Rome.


I don't think I'd ever start my own podcast (my days are already pretty full of working with orgs who are making real progress in the world), but if I did, it'd maybe be me talking about what being a 1950’s, old-school nerd is about. The thing is, that subject is limited. But if you're reading this and you're interested in starting a podcast, I need something that I enjoyed as much as The Thrilling Adventure Hour or The Bugle.

What podcasts are your favorite?



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Nancy Zazulka

Hey, Craig! Your generosity in funding my military students' project ideas is awe-inspiring. Recently, one of my students' father's path crossed my sister's military path on her way to serving the country overseas. If you have a chance, could you please check out a few projects that my students came up with on DonorsChoose.org. Thank you in advance for investing in our military men and women, and continuing to give my students hope.


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