Why I'll Be Supporting Teachers on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tonight

Why I'll Be Supporting Teachers on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tonight


Hey, I'm in NYC right now because I'll be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight with Biz Stone, the Founder of Twitter, and others, like Charles Best of DonorsChoose.org, to show respect, as well as support for teachers.

The thing is, #respect4teachers is needed now more than ever. I've teamed up with DonorsChoose.org to help create the #BestSchoolDay ever.

I'm not going to give too much away, but on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, we'll be talking about the flashfunding initiative that we're calling #BestSchoolDay.

Here's a preview of what's going on: #BestSchoolDay is a call to action for people across America to support classrooms in need. DonorsChoose.org is kicking off #BestSchoolDay with a philanthropic flashmob of entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and philanthropists who are funding every single classroom request that teachers in communities across the U.S. have posted on the site.


I'm personally funding all of New Jersey, and at my suggestion craigslist is funding Detroit. The thing is, I spent 10 years of my life in Detroit as a programmer, and after a decade, well, I had a small fraction of a clue what the deal was there. Detroit's an important part of my history. And so, I wanted to help.

Also, important to note that I’m a ’50s-style nerd, grew up in Morristown, NJ, playing in one of the neighborhood junkyards. Please take that literally. I only recently realized that my family had been hovering between poverty and lower middle class.

We need to get behind our teachers-in-need, and access the power and potential of online communities (organized via flashfunding/crowdsourcing initiatives and otherwise) to get stuff done.

Having the supplies to teach should be a fundamental right. It's our job to give back to the people who are educating generation after generation.

Can you give back and help make every day the #BestSchoolDay? Also, make sure to tune into The Late Show with Stephen Colbert




Monique Dituri

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for funding my project today. The Mechanical Mustangs FIRST Robotics Team #3314 is very grateful for your support! Thank you Craig. You are amazing.

Sarah Taylor

Thank you so much for supporting NJ teachers! I am grateful! My students are looking forward to using the EcoStem Kit to study alternative energy sources.

Jason Leshowitz

Thank you very much for your support in regards to funding the arts projects from the Clifton, NJ schools. Your assistance is greatly appreciated by the students, staff, and administration!


Thank you so much for funding my project. We are so thankful and excited. Can't wait to share all of the great things we will be doing with our project.

Sing Chin

I use Craigslist to buy and sell cars. I no go to college and not read to well.

Thanks to Craig, my children go to college.

Anna Contuzzi

We are still in shock that we received this tremendous gift! Thank you so much for funding our project and for believing in us. Technology and communication can certainly impact urban areas in many positive ways!

Donna Ploch

Thank you so much for supporting our school projects in NJ! It was a enormous help and came just in time for our World Water Day field trip! The Environmental Science classes greatly apprecite your generousity and thoughtfulness toward our projects!!

Candace challenor

Wonderful you are supporting teachers, but education, great as it is, is not an equalizer. My analysis shows globally we need primarily to create democratic businesses to offset the excesses of capitalism, in addition to other activities.

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