Why It's Important to Give Back to Veterans and Milfams Year-Round

Why It's Important to Give Back to Veterans and Milfams Year-Round


Folks, I do some work to support orgs helping out service members, veterans, and their families. I figure it's the least I can do to give back. We recently wrapped up our 4th annual Veterans Charity Challenge.

If you missed it, big congrats to the Grand Prize Winners:

  • 1st Place: Hero Dogs Inc with $101,852 raised.
  • 2nd Place: Warrior Canine Connection with $91,276 raised.
  • 3rd Place: Dogs on Deployment with $17,234 raised.
  • 4th Place: The National Military Family Association with $15,809 raised.
  • 5th Place: Veteran Tickets Foundation with $15,245 raised.

It was pretty successful, and the folks over at CrowdRise recently sent us some impressive stats from the Challenge:

  • 41% of active charities won at least one prize.
  • Warrior Canine Connection came in 2nd place with over 800 donations, more than double the donation number of any other organization.
  • On the last day of the Challenge, over $68K was raised on 221 individual donations.
  • Total Number of Unique Donors: 1,474 from 50 US States
  • 89% of Online Donations were less than $100
  • Average Raised per participating charity: $8,791

I know that lots of folks give to orgs supporting vets and milfams around Independence Day and Veterans Day, but I think it's critical that we're giving back year-round. What have you been doing to support our troops?



Gayle MacDonald

Mr. Newman, thank you for giving us the opportunity to multiply our gifts to WCC. Many of us are small donors who are willing to work as a team to increase the value of our efforts. We communicate daily for maximum effect

Terrie Bates

Thanks Mr. Newmark for your support of all these worthy veterans charities. Your financial incentives really help get all the grassroots supporters like me to step forward and do our little part in support these organizations. 800 donations for Warrior Canine Connection is the pure definition of grassroots support! Thank you!

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