40 Years: Rumors of My Existence Are True

40 Years: Rumors of My Existence Are True


Forty years ago today I joined the grown-up work force. My entry point was at IBM in Boca Raton, Florida. Then later at General Motors in Detroit.CraigIBM

Fast forward: My first twenty years were in the corporate world; the last twenty were at craigslist.

Despite craigslist becoming a household name over the years, Craig Newmark was not. In fact, a lot of people still don't know that there's a real Craig. I think that’s probably because I’m a fifties’-style nerd, and while we’re good at making things that work, we aren’t so good at promoting ourselves. Note, I'm at @craignewmark on Twitter and on Facebook here.

Those years in corporate life provided useful lessons in humility. When companies of any size stop listening to customers, that's suicidal.

At craigslist I came to learn what I always knew:

– treat people like you want to be treated
– know when enough is enough
– brevity is the soul of wit

And, of course,

– Moore's Law and Newmark’s Corollary: “As computers get smaller and faster, Newmark gets shorter and slower.”

For more about what I'm doing now, here are two good articles about my stuff, from Inc and also Forbes.

Now I've found more stuff that really matters in this crazy world, and I promote that rather than craigslist or myself. (I make exceptions for birds or to otherwise amuse myself.)

As to the rumors of my existence — they’re true. Really. Although maybe people still don't believe it.



Eric T Riordan

Did you ever imagine the man in that badge photo would take/post great pictures of all those colorful birds.

Albert Martinez

small world, I was one of 200 IBM'ers who started the Boca Raton site, we spent a year off site, moved closer to physical then to the big X shaped buildings. It was exciting for a while then the heat and humidity got to my brain. got lucky and moved to Rochester, MN.
we might have crossed in Florida. I was in I/S organization.
thanks for creating this site and all its nuances, bet you are surprised at how fast it grew.
keep havin' fun.

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