How You Can Stand Up For America's Heroes Right Now (and win tickets to see Bruce Springsteen live in NYC)

How You Can Stand Up For America's Heroes Right Now (and win tickets to see Bruce Springsteen live in NYC)


I'm really looking forward to attending the 10th Annual Stand Up for Heroes event on November 1 at at Madison Square Garden. It's a fundraiser for the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF), who's doing really good work to support veterans, service members, and their families.

This year, the Craig Newmark Foundation is giving away two tickets to the show. The Foundation is hosting this contest as an awareness building campaign for those who are really giving back to our country.

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Here's how you can enter to win 2 tickets to the 10th Annual Stand Up for Heroes show:

1. Answer this: Why are you thankful for service members, veterans, and military families?

2. Post your answer to the comment section of this blog post below, OR

3. Share your answer on Twitter by tagging @craignewmark, and using the hashtag #StandForVets2016.

We'll announce the winner on October 20th. This contest is for tickets only, and does not include accommodations, food/drinks, or travel.

There are always great comedians at this show, and as a guy who's probably not as funny as I think I am, they're my stars.  This year, good folks like Jon Stewart, Louis C.K., Jim Gaffigan, and Jerry Seinfeld will be performing. Also Bruce Springsteen; he's not a comedian but you may have heard of him.


The deal is, this event's really important—it's about helping the Bob Woodruff Foundation find, fund, and shape programs supporting injured veterans, service members and their families. More than $33 million has been raised by the event over the years, reaching more than 2.5 million of our nation’s heroes, their families, and caregivers.

To give you an idea of the work they're doing, and what the money from this fundraiser goes toward, check out this video the Foundation helped sponsor with BWF's program partner, Team Red, White and Blue, whose mission is to enrich the lives of America's veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

The video was shot with Army veteran Elana Duffy, a Purple Heart recipient, who has benefited greatly from rock climbing through Team Red, White and Blue's programs. The thing is, more than 300K post-9/11 vets suffered traumatic brain injuries from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Make sure to enter to win two tickets to Stand Up for Heroes by sharing why you're thankful for America's heroes by October 19th using #StandForVets2016. And, if you're able, please get tickets here, or join me in sponsoring. Thanks, and see you there!

Note: if you're unable to attend, join virtually by following the Bob Woodruff Foundation on Twitter, and by using the hashtag #Stand4Heroes.



Luther ray

I stand for vets because freedom is not free without them we would not be either my father served fought was wounded and survived WWII. Heroes that survived and those who didn't heres to you you will not be forgotten thank you respectfully l.a. ray

richard harrell

I work with veterans every week at several VA hospitals, and with vets at the county jail. Many of these veterans have PTSD and TBI, and I witness first hand the cost of the sacrifices they have made. It is humbling to help them fight new battles as they bravely struggle finally to return home.

donna kays

It's the service members veterans, and families that have made the sacrifices that allows me my freedom. Each and everyday I breathe the air of a free country. From the freedom of speech to the soil beneath my feet etc.. These freedoms I have because of our heroes. God bless them all. God bless America.

Jim Billings

We need to respect and honor all service members, veterans and their families!! We need to provide jobs, housing, and excellent healthcare for all of our veterans and their families. Service members and veterans should come first and take priority for their service and sacrifice! I support service members, veterans and their families because they sacrifice(d) everything to protect our nation and the freedoms we take for granted. My father was a veteran and I know first-hand what WWII was about. My best friend in the 70's & 80's was a Vietnam War veteran, and he suffered the ill effects of PTSD for the rest of his life. I feel fortunate to live in a country where men and women serve and served in the military to protect our values and history.


"Proud To Be An American"……a song by Bruce Springstein I listened to every day in morning and evening while in Iraq in Desert Storm—went thru 4 cassette tapes of Born In USA.

Joel Kaplan

Having served in the Army's Honor Guard stationed in Arlington, Va during the Vietnam war I was burying my fellow soldiers twice a day. Many of whom I went through training with. My father was vet and my uncle was killed in WWII. This was a very sad time in my life. I salute every soldier who has participated in the military. To see people who refuse to stand or oppose the nation anthem makes we want to throw up in their face. God Bless America.

Starr Love

I welcome the opportunity to express gratitude to those who are overseas on orders from our government. We should not be in denial that a standing military is one of the ways to protect our country from those who don't agree. I have heard residents here in America and abroad express death to the people and our government. I hope our troops keep us safe and I for one am thankful weather I agree with the policies or not!
Thank you

Roy Lewis

I'm proud of my friends and family , who have served . To my Great Uncle Frank, who died in France, in WWI , to my buddy Lou who suffered loss of limb , during the Vietnam War. To all those who never returned, and those nephews still serving ( Donavan US Army) and ( Brent USN) God Bless and Stay Safe.

Bernice Verwys

We are so fortunate for the sacrifice of our men and women in service to protect our country and ideals ✨


As the daughter , daughter in law, wife, mother and mother in law of vets, I work for veterans in both of my jobs, as an intake peer support specialist and career advisor. This is my community, my family and I've always been proud to be a milspouse.

Alane Fleming

My mother lost her first husband in WW 2. He was an Airman who was lost in action, leaving her a very young widow. Years later, she asked for her mother- in -law's permission to re-marry. That man was my father, an Army Sargent who never saw combat, as he was responsible for the coordination of heavy equipment/vehicles etc. I was the third of their children. I have always known that if not for the heroic actions of my mothers' first husband, who enlisted as the war began, in this heartbreaking event for his family and my mother, my life would not have been possible. My father was always respectful of my mother's loss, even making sure she was able to maintain ties with her first husband'a family (who we kids saw as more relatives).
I was born in 1954, and grew up when few women saw the Armed Forces as a possible career. When I see women increasingly present, and in more and more dangerous capacities, I wonder: had I been born somewhat later, would I have tried to in some way honor my mother's and her first husband's legacy by serving in one of our Armed Forces?
That's a question I will never be able to answer. But what I do know is that we need to honor every person who stood up in our place to represent this nation, putting their lives on hold and at risk, in every way we can. And we must also thank all the career military, and all thefamilies, for their standing by as their loved ones do the hard, hard work. Most of all, we need to provide the best services to our wounded, and that means ASAP and for life.

Linda Hadgkiss

I was absolutely born into a life of privilege and opportunity. My father and uncles served during WWII and my brothers both served in the armed services. We always felt blessed and were brought up to respect and honor our men and women in uniform for allowing us the freedom to live, work, travel, worship and achieve whatever we set our sights on!! It is something I have never taken for granted and I have tried to install this feeling in our children and my students.
God bless our military and their families for keeping us safe

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