5 Things You Can Do Now That the Election is Over

5 Things You Can Do Now That the Election is Over


I know it’s been a long election year. Many of you have been actively involved in promoting your candidate and many folks, like myself, have been wrapped up in all the news around the election. On November 8th, a presidential candidate was elected and, just like that, the election was over. Now many of you may be wondering: what's next?

There are lots of things you can keep doing even after the election's ended to support the efforts you care about.

give croppedHere are 5 things you can do now that the election is over:

1. Register to vote if you haven’t yet. Check out the latest poll data about why people didn’t vote. The data points are consolidated into an infographic.

2. Engage in local elections and write to your representative about causes you care about. You can find out who your local reps are here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

3. Support organizations that protect people’s right to vote. There are some real bad actors out there trying to implement laws to stop eligible people, including women, people of color, and older folks, from voting. It’s up to us to make sure that voting in this country is free and fair and there is stuff you can do about it. Just a few examples of orgs that really have their boots on the ground doing good work are: Voto Latino, Rock the Vote and Election Protection.

4. Factcheck the news you read, and, if you’re able, support organizations like the Trust Project, Poynter and the First Draft Coalition that promote trustworthy journalism.

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5. Get involved in projects whose mission you really support. One way you can do this is through peer-to-peer giving. A few platforms you can check out are: DonorsChoose, Zidisha, and Kiva.

What causes will you be promoting post-election?