22nd Anniversary of craigslist

22nd Anniversary of craigslist


Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster, outside craigslist headquarters

After 22 years of craigslist, 3 observations:

You know most of what I'd say, so I'll focus on three things, just to get to the point.
(I'm overly committed to brevity.)
Listen to regular people in the community, then to the extent possible, get out of the way.  I'd like to delegate myself into uselessness. (That ain't bad, leaves me time to do more, then to do more.)
"Doing well by doing good" can be a successful business model.
Sometimes you do the right thing, and you can't talk about it, so get agreements from other parties, ahead of time, so they'll do the right thing and speak up for you.


[Note: I haven't been a spokesman for craigslist, or had any role in management since 2000. Here are 5 reasons why I'm no longer in craigslist management.]

//Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan (Photo was my suggestion, re: the box, to get me to Jim-eye level.)



Jason Sperske

From the time I first got my start as a software developer (back in 1999 in SF) I have been driven by the same set of ideals. I consider my life full of rewarding surprises and my work to be something I am proud of. I can't think of a better way to live :)

Kent Snyder

Years ago in the 1990's I had a delivery job and had to make a delivery on 9th Ave in the City. I parked in front of a building that had a sign on it that said, Craigslist. It was years later before I bought my first computer and learned from a friend what your site was all about. Since then I have purchased many great items from so many great people, thank you and congratulations on your anniversary.


Hi, I used to work at UC Berkeley when there were like 12 internet sites or so, and get an email every Thursday — "Craig's List".

Thanks for your three observations. I am not sure what you are saying on the third point. Tell us more — an example?


Jerry Hall

I love reading about your experiences, hindsight and how you found the role in CL that fit you best.

I'm also appreciative of your last point and relieved the huge intrusion by pretenders upon CL was settled. You held on through quite the storm and kept CL just as you long intended.

We need far more business and social leaders like you that put principles first. I'm certain you are not unnoticed, if anything I wish more knew about your work. Thanks Craig!


He is my hero. In Italy I founded 10 years ago Annunci.net having in mind the same philosophy. In many tables I have received several times the same question: "Do you like money, right?". Ad Maiora , Craig.

Natashha Szzwed

I met the love of my life in 2000 through missed connections and were still together and happy 17 years later.


I believe you are one of the greatest founders in our century 😉 Looking forward to see more of your Non Profit Projects

Andrew Eckman

How wonderful to see 22 years! I started using CL years ago as an alternative to the rising costs of eBay for my (on the side) car sales business. As a techie at heart, it was nice to see the simple UI. However, it's that same drive that just bites my nails wondering where is the continuous improvement? It is sad that I just opened CL and a quick browse revealed handful of obvious bogus ads offering new cars for $2,000 and the like. Every time I see one of those ads (yes, often), I picture that retired person or newbie getting swindled by the latest scam. There are so many ways to prevent these! If I worked at a company like yours, I would have such passion for the innocent people that are just not as savvy as us. Have a wonderful day! Andy.

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