Okay, here's what I do with my life now, a snapshot. These areas aren't listed in order of importance. To me they’re all important, which I guess is why I never seem to get a day off.

My focus always involves technology for the common good, working with people who get real stuff done. And after sixteen years of tough customer service at craigslist, my tolerance for BS is limited. (I'm not very talented, but one of my few talents is to cut though BS and get stuff done.)


Military Families and Veterans:

outreach and fundraising for groups that are genuinely effective, bearing witness for them, from the Department of Veterans Affairs to the "sea of goodwill" that all these small groups provide. This involves VA innovation initiatives; both employee and vendor initiatives. Helping facilitate a way for families and vets to get aid from the "sea of goodwill." Supporting national vets' groups, like the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America, and local vets' groups, like the City College of SF. Using to support schools that help military families.

Back to Basics Journalism

help nonprofits and for-profits build networks of fact-checkers. Figure out how to get large numbers of people motivated to care about facts. And as a news consumer, advocate for good old-fashioned journalistic ethics through work with CPI, Newstrust, Politifact, HuffPost, and NPR.

Public Diplomacy:

work with the U.S. government’s Partners for a New Beginning, including Internet support for vocational schools in the West Bank, and social media training throughout the region. My efforts have support from the U.S., Israeli, and Palestinian governments.

Open Government:

assistance to agencies seeking to improve customer service and improve return on the taxpayer dollar. Accountability and transparency via the Sunlight Foundation. Particular support for Veterans Affairs.

Consumer Protection:

work with Consumer Reports and government agencies that help banks live up to their customer service commitments.

Technology for the Common Good:

includes microfinance, esp. Kiva. Also Internet support for underserved areas, generally via Inveneo (West Bank, Haiti, Kenya). Big support for nonprofit rating services, especially Charity Navigator, GuideStar, GreatNonprofits, that help people find good nonprofits to support.

Voter Protection:

Voter Suppression is happening across the U.S. as restrictive voting laws are being both introduced and passed. Approximately 164 laws were introduced in states that would restrict U.S. Citizens from voting in the 2012 U.S. Election. Check out these organizations that are working to protect people’s right to vote.

Women in Tech:

Women and girls still face a lot of obstacles in shaping technologies. The digital gender divide might be getting worse. Women and girls everywhere are missing, underrepresented, and dropping out from technology fields.