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How You Can Give Back to America's Heroes

I like to honor and support veterans and military families all year long, but with Memorial Day, I like to do some extra support to help out. This is the third year that I've supported the Veterans Charity Challenge, and we're raising money for orgs that support vets, milfams, police, and firefighters. Between last year and the previous year, more than $790K was raised to support orgs helping America's heroes.

The Veterans Charity Challenge 3 begins May 21st at 12pm ET and runs through July 2nd at 1:59:59pm ET.

vet charity challenge3

We're hoping to raise even more this year. I've donated $25K. To signup to participate, or to give back to veterans, you can visit the Veterans Charity Challenge 3 page over on CrowdRise.

A few things to note about the Challenge:

  • This year’s grand prizes are $10,000 (1st place), $5,000 (2nd place), and $3,000 (3rd place).
  • There’s additional money given away during the Challenge, too:
    • Bonus Challenge 1: raise at least $250 this week and get entered to win $1,000 (runs 5/26 – 6/2)
    • Bonus Challenge 2: raise the most this week and win $1,000 (runs 6/2 – 6/9)
    • Bonus Challenge 3: get the most donations this week and win $1,500 (runs 6/9 – 6/16)
    • Bonus Challenge 4: get 10 donations and get entered to win $500 (runs 6/16 – 6/23)
    • Bonus Challenge 5: next 100 donations of at least $20 will get a $20 match (runs 6/23 – 7/2)

For the folks participating in the Challenge, here are a few tips:

    • The more compelling your page is, the more likely people will stick around to learn about your cause.
    • Tell your story.
    •  Use Facebook and Twitter to update people about your fundraising campaign but don't rely on it. Email converts 100x better than social media.
    • There are way more tips in the Veterans Charity Challenge 3 Toolkit Here. Make sure to check 'em out.

Please share this so that lotsa orgs will have the opportunity to support veterans and their families. It's not altruism, it just feels right.

How I'm Funding Women-Led Startups

Folks, the Women Startup Challenge has really taken off, with over 180 startups participating and over $118K raised so far. Here are the the startups who are in the top 10 in the Women Startup Challenge as of today.

1. Peer Spring

2. Echo Media Mobile

3. Hookist

4. Actionplanr

5. Kicker

6. Fam-ess

7. Stage Stream

8. Mina's List

9. LGBTQutie 

10. LatherUp

Women are founding innovative startups more than ever before, yet only 7% of investor money goes to women-led startups. We want to help women pitch their startups, and get their startups funded.


Investors say that they want to fund more women startups and women startups want to pitch more investors. I'm partnering with Women Who Tech and Joanne and Fred Wilson because we want to help connect the dots and start a network to introduce women startups to investors.

Some things to keep in mind as there are just 9 days left in the Challenge:

  • You should check out and support the startups if you're able. They're crowdfunding over on CrowdRise.
  • The startups in the top 40 by May 22 will get a shout-out from the Women Who Tech team on Twitter during the last week of the Challenge.
  • You can join the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #WomenStartupChallenge.
  • The 3rd Bonus Challenge ends tomorrow. Every startup that raises at least $500 will get entered for a chance to win $250, no strings attached.

Let's keep funding women startups! This is really important, folks.


5 Reasons I’m Not Doing craigslist Management

Craigbert colorI haven't been a spokesman for craigslist, or had any role in management since 2000.

It took a lot to recognize my limitations as a manager, and then relinquish my CEO role. A LOT of people still think I'm still in a management role, and it gets reinforced by inaccurate articles that persist on the 'net.

Here are 5 reasons I'm not in craigslist management anymore:

1. My deal is that, as a manager, I kinda suck.

2. I hired someone smarter than me to run the company, while I stick with customer service.

3. I really found my calling in customer service, and every day I see firsthand how we help people put food on the table and put a roof over that table.

4. While people often know me as the founder of craigslist, I'm really on my own public service mission these days. It's why I started this deal, craigconnects, so I can focus on philanthropy and public service. Here's a list of what I'm focusing on lately…

5.  My approach just isn't the usual approach in Silicon Valley or anywhere else, but I’m a nerd, and a nerd's gotta do what a nerd's gotta do. It's not altruism, it just feels right.

Have you ever experienced a life-altering revelation? If so, where'd it take you?

(And please note: I'm really living La Vida Craigbert these days…)

Why Birding Can Change the World

Birding is a popular thing that happens around the world. I like to view 'em from my home office, and in my Bay Area backyard. Western Tanagers are rare to see, but a real treat. You may remember that I donated some money to the Cornell Ornithology Lab to sponsor the Western Tanager. I spotted two on Saturday…

western tanager

(taken at limits of my telephoto lens)

The Global Big Day just happened, and the worldwide response has been pretty impressive. Cornell's goal was to tally 4,000 species around the world in one day—but now they're at 5,800 and heading toward 6,000—almost 60% of all the bird species in the world.

You can even watch the real-time results here. And check out the highlights over on the Cornell Lab's blog.


So far, more than 12,000 people representing 124 countries have sent in their Global Big Day checklists. Global Big Day's about appreciating birds, unique habitat, and diversity—as well as the way birds can bring together folks from all over the planet to protect birds.

Counting the two I saw, people recorded a total of 2,474 Western Tanagers on Saturday. If you're inspired, you can still to donate to celebrate this huge result and support bird conservation around the globe.


6 Startups Rocking the Women Startup Challenge

Hey, we’re two weeks into the Women Startup Challenge, and lots of startups really have their boots on the ground in Round One. The first Round of the Startup Challenge is a crowdfunding campaign. The purpose of this is to give all startups an opportunity to raise money for their startup.

Over $80K has been raised online so far, and there’s still a coupla weeks left. Another startup has told us that they raised an additional $50K offline through a funder who learned about their efforts through the Women Startup Challenge.

The first Bonus Challenge ended last week, and 3 startups won prizes: Queery and Mina's List won a Profile of their startup on craigconnects and Huffington Post (more to come…), and In the Stacks won a Social Media Audit from Rad Campaign.

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