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A New Era of Squirrel-Based Activism

April 30, 2012

So, here's the deal, folks – #Squirrels4Good has been taking over social networks. The good news about this is that the National Wildlife Federation surpassed the $5K mark that I recently promised. Since everyone is so passionate, and the @NWF has their boots on the ground doing such good work, I want to up the… Read more »

Brett Sheats
Brett Sheats

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April 25, 2012

Guest post by Brett Sheats For the past ninety-four years, the United States Army Infantry School has been located at Fort Benning, Georgia. Thousands of young, freshly shaved heads enter its gates every year to undergo the metamorphosis from patriotic civilian to steely-eyed mayhem machine. During their time at Fort Benning, each new infantry recruit… Read more »



April 23, 2012

Hey there, are you feeling squirrelly? Many of you know my love for squirrels and birds. I've decided to team up with @common_squirrel and @NWF to raise money for #Squirrels4Good. I'm a fan of urban survivors, and for that matter, I've been told I can get a little squirrelly, and more than once. I know… Read more »


Think You Have the Right to Vote? Not so Much!

March 29, 2012

Folks, think you have the right to vote? Maybe not so much. I've been working with some good folks focusing on Voter Suppression issues that are happening across the country. There are some bad actors who are trying to pass legislation that will keep eligible people from voting. What I learned in high school civics… Read more »


Doing something about truthiness in politics and news

March 20, 2012

Recently, the folks at the Harvard Berkman Center and the MIT Media Lab had a really good conference and hackathon addressing Truthiness in Digital Media. Truthiness in the Stephen Colbert sense, where people just make up stuff which they want to be true. A lot of good progress was reported, particularly involving citizens and professionals… Read more »


craigconnects just had a birthday

March 16, 2012 recently celebrated our first birthday, folks. It seems surreal that it's already been a year! We've worked with so many good orgs and have seen some great stuff happen since March 2011. A little of what's been going on with craigconnects, and by extension, with me: • craigconnects launched a three-day grant challenge to… Read more »


I got that empty nest syndrome

March 6, 2012

Phoebe's babies have fledged, and I miss them already. for more, check out Phoebe's page or her Facebook fan page.                  


Amidst Tragedy, an Opportunity for Community Change

March 5, 2012

In recent weeks, a number of highly publicized stories have captured attention and inspired conversation about domestic violence: the passing of Whitney Houston, a reported victim of domestic violence during her 15 year marriage to Bobby Brown; the both disturbing and encouraging responses to Chris Brown’s return to Grammy glory three years after assaulting then-girlfriend… Read more »


Reliable Factchecking is Key

February 29, 2012

Folks, I stumbled across a great editorial this past weekend in a North Carolina newspaper, Sun Journal. The article connects the survey we just conducted with factchecking remarkably well: First they report on survey finds, but then use them to rightfully brag on their own strict policies regarding the accuracy of their coverage. They say,… Read more »


Infographic: What News Sources Do People Trust?

February 23, 2012

Folks, as you may know, I've been doing a lot of work with good orgs who are doing factchecking work, and voter protection. As the nation gears up for the general election in November, and news outlets increasingly cover campaign stops and primary results, my craigconnects team asked the polling firm Lincoln Park Strategies to… Read more »